Lawn Bowling

Superb 4 m x 14 m Lawn Bowling in the Park for wild games of Pétanques with friends or families.
Balls are at your disposal for the pleasure of adults and children.

Up to you !
This is the start of the first round or “lead”:
Draw lots to see which player or team will start!
It’s you ? Then draw a circle 50 cm in diameter on the ground. In turn, each player must place themselves inside. You are not allowed to leave before your ball has reached the ground!
Hot in front: you throw the goal at a distance between 6 and 10 m.

You then throw your first ball, as close as possible to the goal.
Your opponent then enters the circle. Will he choose to point his ball with skill to place it even closer to the jack or pull your ball with precision to clear it?
After each throw, track down the slightest millimeter near the goal jack: The best-placed ball “holds the point” and leads the game! It is then up to the bowler or the team “which does not hold” to throw. This team plays its balls until regaining the point.

The bowler and his team have no more boules? The opposing team plays whatever they have left. She has free rein to try to score as many points as possible…When all the boules have been played: end of round!

At the end of each round, we count the points! The ball closest to the goal belongs to the team that can accumulate points.

We then count all the balls better placed (close to the goal) than those of the opposing team. Only one of your balls is placed in front of the nearest opposing ball? You win the lead with 1 point! If these are 2 of your balls: 2 points, etc.

Next lead: one of the players of the winning team throws the goal from where he is. The game continues. the matches follow one another and the points accumulate. Arrived at 13 points, it’s won… end of the game!