Wellness Space

A beautiful area with a Zen atmosphere, dedicated to water care. A succession of soft or dynamic baths, dry or wet heat… and fresh water.
A cocooning or anti-fragility care stimulating the immune system.

A wellness space equipped with:

  • A Hammam: a very beautiful ancestral legacy for your body’s wellness, hot steam which helps the pores of your skin open up and removes undesirable impurities and bacteria. You also breathe more easily, since your sinuses and nasal cavity are released.
    Just like saunas, it helps you say goodbye to muscular pain and tensions.
  • An infra-red sauna: in addition to a real musculoskeletal relaxation, perspiration is more important than in a traditional sauna, which helps remove toxins. A sweet radiating temperature between 40 and 60°C makes it possible to eliminate 80% water and 20% heavy matters: oils, heavy metals, toxins, undesirable acids… etc. For your information, a traditional sauna using 110°C boiling air eliminates 95% water but only 5% matters. A visible care for your skin which improves blood irrigation. You’ll feel rejuvenated with us!
  • And a spa or hot tub with a levitation bed, an up-and-down wave area and a massage setting using jets to work on the back muscles, as well as a cascade nozzle which targets the neck, and different options working as massage rolls. In short, over 150 massage jets sweetly perfumed with soothing and healing essential oils… and all of it with music on in the background. An unforgettable hydrotherapeutic experience and immediate relaxation.

Cheers!! (even though eating and drinking are forbidden in the Relaxation Area).

You can book the Relaxation Area for an hour and a half, just for yourself: €20 per person.