Closed and tree-filled park

Go through the gate and discover an unexpected domain, tree-filled (cedars, mulberry trees, plane trees, cotinuses, apple trees, rose bushes…), verdurous and vast where the different buildings and facilities spread over half an hectare: 5m x 10m heated pool, relaxation area, meeting rooms, games for children (trampolines, toboggans, roundabouts, ping-pong tables, badminton nets and rackets, ball games… etc.).

Your tranquility during your stay is very important to us. That’s why our property is always closed and access to the heated pool is protected by a gate and two barriers with specific opening systems. Your children will therefore be able to go around the park freely.

That being said, minor children are the responsibility of their parents. Needless to say that no child should be left alone in and around the protected pool, and this also applies to the different available games: trampolines, roundabouts, slides, swings, ping-pong tables… etc.